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AC Leaf & Debris Protector

The adjustable AC & Leaf Debris Protector accommodates condensing unit sizes up to 4'x4' and is designed to cover all new high SEER residential units. It securely attaches to the unit using heavy-duty elastic bands and simplifies spring cleaning with 1/4" x 1/4" openings.


Best Air Pro Water Pads

Best Air leads as the top-selling humidifier water pad in the USA, known for its ability to maximize humidity output and surpass all other pads in performance. The patented drip pattern and 100% clay-covered media set it apart. It serves as a replacement for humidifier pads in brands like Aprilaire, Honeywell, Lasko, Hamilton, and Lennox.


Best Air Pro White Water Pads

These expanded paper pads with aluminum extrusion backing are the same size as our standard metal & clay pads above, but with 50% more water holding capacity.


Bulls Eye Nozzle

This carded adjustable hose nozzle, sprays a fine stream up to a solid heavy blast of water. Made of brass and stainless steel bearings.


Expanding Hose

The new ESP expanding hose is a lightweight and durable solution. It features brass fittings with a shut-off valve and a latex core for extended lifespan. This hose is incredibly space-efficient and can be neatly stored in a plastic can. It has a length of 25 feet and a diameter of 5/8" when there's no water pressure, but it expands to 50 feet when water pressure is applied. It's cost-effective and an excellent choice for technicians with limited space in their crowded trucks. You can also find it on page 51.

rhb-82g-glycol refractometer

Glycol Refractometer

This instrument provides "good down to" temperature readings for both ethylene and propylene glycol solutions, along with an exact percentage of glycol calculation on the scale. It operates similarly to an oil refractometer. The operator simply places a drop or two of the glycol solution on the Daylight Plate of the instrument. Then, while looking through the eyepiece and focusing, a distinct separation on the scale indicates an accurate reading of the glycol concentration.


Industrial First Aid Kit

These 10, 25, 50 or 100 person weatherproof kits include all components listed in chart below

Description #10
Adhesive Strips 16
Large Wound Dressing —
Gauze Pads 4 (3”)
Gauze Bandage, 4” 1
Eye Pads 2
Adhesive Tape, 1/2” 1
Triangular Bandage 1
Elastic Bandage —
Antiseptic Towelettes 10
First Aid Cream Packets —
Aspirin 10
Eye Flush, 1 oz. (1)*
Eye Flush, 4 oz. —
Cold Pack 0
Latex Exam Gloves 2 pr.
Scissors 1
Forceps 1
First Aid Instructions 1


Mold Test Kit

This kit contains two pretreated petri dishes, and two vials of growth medium for the professional contractor to easily test for the presence of mold or common types of bacteria, in a customer’s home. Easy to use directions, for duct testing, or IAQ testing.

Includes prepaid envelope for lab analysis. 2 KITS


Oil Refractometer

This precise instrument serves the purpose of determining the percentage of mineral oil in a refrigeration system, particularly during a POE (polyol ester) changeover. It can utilize various measurement scales, including the brix scale, refractive index, or other marked scales to ascertain mineral oil percentage. ESP employs the brix scale for this purpose.

As per Copeland's recommendation, a 5% mineral oil level is considered acceptable. When the instrument reads 65.9 brix or lower on the ESP Scale, it indicates that the residual mineral oil has reached a safe level. No complex graph plotting is required. The unit comes with easily understandable directions and is packed in a foam-filled carrying case, complete with an oil dropper and calibration screwdriver for added convenience.


Smoke Check

SmokeCheck™, Smoke Detector Tester is designed to comprehensively evaluate both photoelectric and ionization smoke detectors, ensuring their circuitry, alarms, power supply, and air-sampling functionality are in proper working order, detecting any potential signs of a fire. Its patented formulation effectively simulates a wide range of fire conditions, instilling confidence that your fire alarm system will promptly respond to all fire scenarios. This product is approved for testing smoke detector function per NFPA 72 par. 8-2.4.1 when used as directed.

Notably, SmokeCheck™, Smoke Detector Tester is environmentally friendly, containing no HFC or CFC. It does not harm the ozone layer and does not contribute to global warming. Environmental consciousness has been a core design principle from the beginning, and these products were not altered to comply with new codes or protocols. They are UL and ULC Listed, NFPA 72 Compliant, and safe for use on sensors.


Smoke Emitters

Supplied in clean-to-handle cartridges and leave no visible residue. Smoke produced is easy to see and photograph if required. Oil-free smoke eliminates possible damage to decorations or equipment. Sizes are 45, 90, and 150 seconds 10/Box.


Stat-Gard® Thermostat Protectors

Stat-Gard® Thermostat Protectors are uniquely valued for their clean and attractive design, competitive pricing, exceptional performance, and an impressive 5-year guarantee against breakage. These protectors feature an unobstructed airflow design, making installation a breeze in three simple steps. They are tamper-resistant and self-locking, eliminating the need for a key. Made from space-age high-impact polycarbonate, they offer durability and come in three convenient sizes to cover most thermostats.

Stat-Gard® Thermostat Protectors are available in fifteen attractive styles and include mounting screws. You can choose from clear or beige covers on clear, black, or beige bases to match your preferences and decor.

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