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Smoke Check

SmokeCheck™, Smoke Detector Tester is designed to comprehensively evaluate both photoelectric and ionization smoke detectors, ensuring their circuitry, alarms, power supply, and air-sampling functionality are in proper working order, detecting any potential signs of a fire. Its patented formulation effectively simulates a wide range of fire conditions, instilling confidence that your fire alarm system will promptly respond to all fire scenarios. This product is approved for testing smoke detector function per NFPA 72 par. 8-2.4.1 when used as directed.

Notably, SmokeCheck™, Smoke Detector Tester is environmentally friendly, containing no HFC or CFC. It does not harm the ozone layer and does not contribute to global warming. Environmental consciousness has been a core design principle from the beginning, and these products were not altered to comply with new codes or protocols. They are UL and ULC Listed, NFPA 72 Compliant, and safe for use on sensors.

Smoke Check


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