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Oil Refractometer

This precise instrument serves the purpose of determining the percentage of mineral oil in a refrigeration system, particularly during a POE (polyol ester) changeover. It can utilize various measurement scales, including the brix scale, refractive index, or other marked scales to ascertain mineral oil percentage. ESP employs the brix scale for this purpose.

As per Copeland's recommendation, a 5% mineral oil level is considered acceptable. When the instrument reads 65.9 brix or lower on the ESP Scale, it indicates that the residual mineral oil has reached a safe level. No complex graph plotting is required. The unit comes with easily understandable directions and is packed in a foam-filled carrying case, complete with an oil dropper and calibration screwdriver for added convenience.

Oil Refractometer

RHB-82 for POE unit or RHB-82G for our glycol unit
RHB-82-ND BVA Oil Refractometer

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