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Stat-Gard® Thermostat Protectors

Stat-Gard® Thermostat Protectors are uniquely valued for their clean and attractive design, competitive pricing, exceptional performance, and an impressive 5-year guarantee against breakage. These protectors feature an unobstructed airflow design, making installation a breeze in three simple steps. They are tamper-resistant and self-locking, eliminating the need for a key. Made from space-age high-impact polycarbonate, they offer durability and come in three convenient sizes to cover most thermostats.

Stat-Gard® Thermostat Protectors are available in fifteen attractive styles and include mounting screws. You can choose from clear or beige covers on clear, black, or beige bases to match your preferences and decor.

Stat-Gard® Thermostat Protectors

1-000 Standard
3-000 Wide

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