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Tools & Controls for the Professional Technician

Extra Long Plenum Brush
ESP Full FlexConnect Line


HVAC Service Center 2

Is the perfect accessory for today’s furnace installs and replacements. The pre-wired whip allows for quick and easy install of residential equipment. We've added a switch to the circuit for easy future servicing Air cleaners, humidifiers, UV lights, and other service accessories are requested now more than ever - that's why we've added an always powered, tamper proof GFCI plug to the switch box. The 8' whip allows for easy placement of the junction box. The pre-fabricated whip means no more wasting conduit or wire. Everything needed for a quick and easy stall is included in this kit.


Save time, avoid waste, sell more accessories, and move on to the next job with HVAC Service Center

HVAC Service Center
2020 New Product Update
2020 New Product Update 2

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