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Thermo Plug

The Thermo Plug is a dual socketed temperature activated, single set point thermostat. Great for heat tapes, electric heaters, sump and tower heaters. Available in 35F and 50F.

Features and Benefits
• Saves Energy - only operates when necessary.
• Red Power Indicator Light illuminates when
power is on.
• Easy setup. The thermostat plugs intro any
standard outlet. No special wiring required.
120Volt 60Hz, Combined Maximum 15 amps
and 1800 Watts.
• For indoor use only in residential or
commercial applications.
• Follow the Heater Manufacturer Instructions before
connecting the device.
• TP35 Turns a heater or other device on at approximately
35F (4C) and off at 45F when ambient temperature
rises. TP50 turns on at 50F and off at 60F

Thermo Plug

TP35 and TP50

The Thermo Plug is available in 35 F
(on at 35, off at 45)

The Thermo Plug is available in 50 F
(on at 50, off at 60)

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