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The Sure Temp Product Thermometer

The least expensive device currently manufactured for accurately displaying product temperature in a case, reach-in, or walk-in is the Sure Temp Thermometer. Its sensing probe is immersed in a glycol-filled well that responds to ambient temperature changes at the same rate as the stored product, ensuring technicians read the internal product temperature rather than the surrounding air temperature.

The Sure Temp Thermometer holds NSF certification and complies with Food Service criteria.

Its operating range spans from -40 degrees F to +180 degrees F, and it measures 1-5/15" x 6-7/8" in dimensions. Each unit is equipped with a bracket and screw for straightforward attachment to a rack or panel. For added convenience, each 10-unit case is shipped in an attractive counter display.

The Sure Temp Product Thermometer

ST1236-31, (10/cs).

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