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Gas Ball Valve

• Manual operated gas shut-off valves for appliances, appliance connector valves and hose end valves. The following agencies have certified these valves: AGA, CGA, ANSI, and ASME

• Forged Body Construction for Greater Strength
• Blowout-Proof Stem Design
• High Cycle Life PTFE Seats and NBR Seal
• Quarter Turn Open/Close Operation
• Positive Shutoff with Zero Leakage
• Rated for temperatures from -20° F to 125° F at pressures from 1/2 – 125 psi.

Gas Ball Valve
Gas Ball Valve

Wing Operator - KITZ Code # 60 (AKGZH)
Square Operator - KITZ Code # 60 SQ (AKGZHSQ)

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