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The Old Switcheroo

The Old Switcheroo is a heavy duty industrial magnet designed to hold down pop out switches
while the technician trouble shoots the furnace or air handler. Two wings will reach out to
switches that are set apart from a flat metal surface. A must in the tool box. Ask for free
counter display with tri-folds.


The Little Black Box

• Converts 120V to 24V check systems
• Designed for the lab, available to the contractor
• Perfect for parts counter control checking
• Professional 40” silicone test leads with point probes,
and interchangeable alligator clip extensions
• 24v manual reset overload protection
• Lighted 120v power switch
• High strength magnetic backing grips metal surfaces
• One Year Warranty


Easy Levelers

Revolutionary furnace leveling system created for the perfectionist. Four sturdy bolt-adjusted leg extensions supplied with mounting materials. Simply turn the lag bolted insert clockwise or counter clockwise to raise or lower each corner of the furnace. Supports up to 400 lbs Adjustment from 2 3/4” - 4” Height.

Free display, holds eight packages.

Patent #7,137,604



This handy dual nut driver has 1/4” and 5/16” pivoting sockets to reach the most difficult angles, and tightest screw locations.


Anti-Windmill Brake

This patented device easily slips over the motor shaft, effectively preventing the motor from rotating in the opposite direction due to windage. It's particularly crucial as most motors, when subjected to severe reverse rotation, can start and continue running in the wrong direction, leading to premature motor failure. This device is designed to fit shaft sizes of 1/2" and 5/8".


LI’L POPPER Voltage 24V-250VAC

The Li’ L Popper control circuit breaker is a valuable tool for technicians, preventing numerous blown fuses during control circuit diagnostics. Simply plug the leads into the ATC fuse receptacle on the board, and manually reset the Li’ L Popper whenever the breaker trips. It features a quick-setting thermal cutout and self-adhering backing, allowing contractors to leave it on the job site overnight when out of fuses. Free counter displays are available upon request, and it comes in various amperage options (3A, 5A, 10A, 15A, and 20A), with alligator clip versions also offered.


Fan Blade and Blower Wheel Tools

Fan blade and blower puller tool by E.S.P. offers a simple and easy solution to locked fan blades and blower wheels. Will not damage blower or blade, so the unit quickly pays for itself.


Grease Hose

There are 1/8” NPT male fittings on each end. Meets U.S. Government mil-spec.


PVC Drop Cloths

These 2 mil 12' x 12' PVC drop cloths are ideal for maintaining cleanliness in both residential and commercial settings, reducing the risk of on-the-job damage to nearby computers, furniture, carpets, or other valuable items. They come in a display box with 12 drop cloths per box.


Sight Glass Tool

The ESP sight glass tool slides easily into the notches of a scroll compressor sight glass, and easily helps to extract the sight glass with a crescent or socket wrench. 1” diameter.


Core Gripper

Just push in the base to extend four gripper fingers and the spring release grabs the core so that it can be turned out and removed.


Pin Extractor Tool

This handy tool will help to pop out Molex and Amp Electrical pins in igniter and other controls.


Utility Vernier Caliper

0-5” range, mm and 16th graduations.


Pocket Caliper

Stainless steel 3” caliper, 1/32” and millimeters, inside, outside graduations.


Four Way Key

Fits stopcocks, sillcocks, and valves. Sizes are 1/4” to 9/32” and 5/16” to 11/32” Precision machined plated steel.


TXV Power Head Element Wrench

This handy wrench fits most Sporlan and Alco power head elements for easy removal and replacement.


Dominator Pry Bars

These pry bars separate themselves from the competition by their integrated hardened carbon steel core which runs the entire length of the tool. The end is capped to cushion hammer impact and they carry limited lifetime warranties. Available in 13”, 31”.


Wilde Gasket Scraper

Heavy-duty 11” industrial gasket scraper for quick and easy removal with a one inch face and 1 1/2” face.


Rhino Tank and Compressor Tote

The Rhino tank and compressor tote allows the user to easily pick up nitrogen, CO2, and oxygen 20 and 40 lb cylinders, along with all hermetic compressors with lift tabs.



Rubber Stretch Straps

The specially compounded rubber resists sun and weather to last indefinitely. Tensile strength to 50 pounds. Made In the USA Available in 10”,15”, 21”, and 31”.


6 ‘N 1 Lug Wrench

• Offers both hexagon and square sockets
• Four nut drives sized 1/4”, 5/16”, 11/32”, 3/8”
• Two squares sized 3/16” and 1/4”
• Use as a handle for 1/4” extension drives
• Fits MC and B acetylene tanks
• Fits service valves
• High-quality vanadium tool steel
• Easy grip round handle
• Pocket sized
• Lightweight and compact
• All drives will accept long screws
• Individually bagged with card & hanging tab


Utility Knife

Sturdy construction, heavy-duty, low price.


Plews Grease Guns

Meet the toughest grease guns around. The all new grease gun line from Plews. These guns have been completely redesigned and incorporate advanced features that are unmatched in the industry.

Constructed of heavy duty steel and finished in rugged baked enamel and tough zinc plate, every feature of these grease guns has been engineered for the rigors of professional use. Lifetime warranty.


Commercial Grade Skeleton Gun

Skeleton gun with heavy duty handle, spout cutter, seal punch, and ladder hook. 5/16” Plated rod.


Caulking Guns

Durable, high quality, and heavy duty. Made of heavy gauge metal, with positive action plunger rod.


Chemical Transfer Funnels

Avoid any potential spills of harmful chemicals during transfer. Available in 1/2 Gallon. with brass filter screen, Part # 240117, or in a 1 gallon size (with screen).


Three Quart Scoops

Available, for ice or dry chemicals. 14 1/2” high x 6” wide x 6” deep polypropylene in White only.


N-Take 2

The N-Take 2 is a distinctive device that's installed within the draft induction supply line, positioned between the outdoor intake and the furnace. In situations where a blocked intake might typically lead to a "no heat" call and furnace shutdown, the N-Take 2 automatically opens in response to a slight vacuum inside the pipe. It should not be utilized as the primary combustion inlet but rather as an alternative option.

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