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Acid Blaster

This is the premium two-gallon compression sprayer manufactured specifically with the AC&R contractor in mind. This sturdy unit incorporates a patented acid valve and utilizes Viton gaskets which are chemical resistant. There are no metal parts that contact liquid. Unit has stainless pump rod and plate. The nozzle has adjustable spray levels. Order part # AB10. Repair kits include all gaskets and seals, part # 6-1925.


Acid Blaster and Big Shot Replacement parts

The 6-1925 Gasket Kit comprises various essential components, including a Viton check, diaphragm, O-ring, and gasket for the handle. It is compatible with 6-7748, AB10, or BS30 Wand; 6-4626, AB10, or BS30 Handle; 6-6003, AB10, or BS30 Nozzle; and 6-6136, AB10, or BS30 Hose Assembly.


Big Shot lIl.

This three-gallon acid-resistant sprayer is designed with viton and polypropylene components to reduce potential breakdowns and leakage. It features a wide-angle, high-delivery spray head, facilitating quick and efficient coil cleaning tasks for your contractors.



This chemical resistant sprayer holds up against harsh chemicals and solvents that cause standard trigger sprayers to fail. Adjustable nozzle, o-ring, and piston cup are made of
chemical resistant viton. 32 oz. clear bottle to ease product recognition.


Expanding Hose

The new ESP expanding hose is lightweight, and made with durable brass fittings (with shut off valve) along with a latex core for long life. This hose takes up very little space, and stores in a neat plastic can. 25 foot, 5/8” diameter without pressure; and expands to 50’ when water pressure is allowed to flow. Inexpensive, and great for the technician’s crowded truck.


General Purpose Spray Bottles

Economic design with extra long trigger for comfort. Provides average chemical resistance 24 oz. bottle.


High Delivery Sprayer

High delivery sprayer delivers 3.5 ML per stroke with adjustable nozzle and comfortgrip trigger. 32 oz. clear bottle to ease product recognition.


Premium Braided PVC Garden Hose

• Outstanding wear and weather resistance
• Tire cord reinforced for kink resistance, high burst pressure
• Superior year-round flexibility, coiling ease
• Heavy-duty octagonal female brass couplings
• Hoses are 3/8” or 5/8”. Available in 50 ft. length


Tommy II

48 ounce sprayer in red, poly nozzle.


Triple Shot Foamer

Unique foamer tip produces a large volume of clinging foam. Comfort-grip cushioned trigger delivers 3.5 ML per stroke (3-4 times vs. our general purpose units). 32 oz. clear bottle makes product recognition an easy task.


“Tommy Gun”

Two quart compression sprayer made out of high pressure impact polyethylene. Equipped with adjustable spray nozzle, the Tommy Gun is lightweight and easy to use.


“Tommy Gun” Replacement Parts

10T - Container only, 20T - Plunger complete, 20T1 - Plunger O-ring, 30T - Pump head only, 30T1 - Container Sealing O-Ring, 40T - Pump barrel, 40T1 - Sealing O-Ring, 40T2 - Non-Return Valve, 50T - Dip Tube & Filter, 60T - Nozzle & Spindle Assembly, 60T4 - Nozzle Spindle, 90T - Complete Set of O-Rings and pump Non-Return Valve.

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