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Buss Fustat and Fustron Plug-In Fuses

Available in 1-1/4 thru 60 amp sizes.


Bussmann Blade type fuses

For P.C. board applications. Fast acting, 36V, UL recognized 3-40 A


Bussmann Fuse Holders

These four Bussmann fuse holders are now available for your HVAC needs.


Bussmann Fuse Pullers

The safest, non-conductive tools used to remove fuse. Always remove power from fuse circuit before removing fuse.


Bussmann Fusetron

These dual-element, time-delay fuses provide excellent overload protection similar to low-peak fuses. They are suitable for motors and other loads that experience temporary inrush currents, such as those caused by transformers and solenoids.


Bussmann Glass and Specialty Fuses

ESP now makes these glass and specialty Buss fuses available to the diversified wholesaler.


Bussmann Limitron

These fuses are U.L. listed for a variety of applications, including branch circuit protection, motor control circuits, lighting ballasts, and control transformers. Their grooved ferrule design allows them to be mounted in rejection-type fuse holders as well as standard non-rejection types.


Bussmann fused outlets, switches and receptacles

Also well stocked in our warehouse.


Power Block

ESP Power Blocks are heavy duty, 3 outlet electrical cords. Plug three power tools or appliances into one outlet. Available in 12 or 14 gauge, 25’, 50’, or 100’.


Power Cords

ESP power cords are outdoor heavy capacity electrical cords, 12 or 14 gauge, 25’, 50’ or 100’.


Tool Light FlashLight

This unique tool light slips onto the shaft of any screwdriver, 3/16”-7/16” lights up the work area with three LED. Just turn the grooved edge clockwise to turn on and off. Three magnets on the back will also hold it to the inside of your toolbox, or inside of a control compartment.


Transition Terminals

To be used when control connectors don’t match wire connections during replacements.

• Transition Terminals from .250 Female to .187 Male, and .187 Female to .250 Male

• 5 Each

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