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ABS, PVC, CPVC All Purpose Glue

This clear regular bodied cement is versatile, suitable for ABS, PVC schedule 40 and 80 Type I and Type II, gas pipe, conduit, and CPVC schedule 40 up to 4" in diameter, with a fast 45-second set time. It's available in 1/4, 1/2, and 1 pint containers.


Clear Cleaner

Cleans and prepares PVC, CPVC and ABS fittings for gluing.


Insulation Adhesive

Contractors nationwide prefer this premier insulation adhesive, now specified by a major tubing manufacturer. It has an amber color, viscosity of 200 - 300 CPS, and a solvent odor when wet, becoming odorless when dry. It offers a bonding range of up to 20 minutes but is extremely flammable, so use caution and avoid open flames or sparks. Apply in a well-ventilated area.


PVC Clear Glue

This medium body solvent cement is recommended for joining PVC pipe and fittings in potable water and drain, waste, and vent systems, suitable for PVC Types I and II, schedule 40" to 8", and schedule 80" to 6" diameters, conforms to ASTMD-2564, and comes in 1/4, 1/2, and 1 pint cans with a dauber.


Purple Primer

This PVC pipe and fittings preparation solution softens and primes for gluing, suitable for potable water and drain, waste, and vent systems, in accordance with ASTM F656. Available in three sizes: PP14 (1/4 pint), PP12 (1/2 pint), and PP100.


Teflon Thread Seal Tape

Teflon thread seal tape, available in two thicknesses, .0035 and .0032, both manufactured by Dupont and meeting MILT-27730A specifications. These tapes are recognized by NSF and approved by NASA. The .0035 tape is also UL approved and comes in lengths of 260" and 520".

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